Privacy policy

Our policy explains how and why we process your data when you use the IzziPix service. The processing and security of personal data at SIA IzziPix (registration number: 40203383531, Stopiņu iela 8 k-1 - 14, Rīga, LV-1035) is subject to the GDPR. This revision shall be effective as of 01 April 2023 (as amended on 17 April 2023).

We may change these terms and conditions from time to time. If changes are made, we will post a notice on the IzziPix homepage indicating the changes or send a notice to the email address provided by you. Your use of IzziPix following changes will mean you agree to the changes.

1. What data we process

1.1 We process the following personal data of photographers and their clients for the following purposes and for the following periods:

Data subject Personal data Purpose of processing Basis of processing Retention period
Photographer Name, Contact data (telephone number, address of residence / domicile, e-mail address). Payment data Identification. Registration in the IzziPix account. IzziPix Affiliate Agreement IzziPix Affiliate Agreement During the term of the IzziPix Affiliate Agreement
Customer Name, Contact details (telephone number, residence / domicile address, email address). Payment details IzziPix duties to you IzziPix User Agreement Time frame for us to produce and deliver the photo product
Customer Customer photos/children IzziPix's commitment to you IzziPix User Agreement 6 months
Client Biometric data obtained by analysing the photos uploaded by photographers to the IzziPix cloud storage and the client / client's children photos uploaded by the client to IzziPix themselves Identification (checking the biometric data in the photos uploaded by the photographer and the client). Personalization of the user experience. Showing the client only photos that show the client/client's child. Client Consent 6 months
Photographer/customer Data collected when accessing IzziPix and in subsequent activities on IzziPix (IP address, cookies) Performance of IzziPix duties to you. Improvement of the user experience. Improvement of IzziPi functionality IzziPix Affiliate / User Agreement Term of Use of IzziPix by you
Photographer/customer Data you provide to us on request (including dispute resolution, response to support queries) IzziPix technical support. Other purpose depending on the content of the enquiry IzziPix Partner / User Agreement Other reason depending on the content of the enquiry Time frame needed to resolve the issue in the enquiry

The data you provide is necessary for us to provide you with the services set out in the IzziPix Affiliate Agreement and User Agreement. If you do not provide us with the data specified above, we may refuse to provide our services to you.

1.2 Biometric Personal Data means data that we obtain through specific technical processing of photographs uploaded by photographers to the IzziPix cloud and uploaded by customers when they access the IzziPix cloud, which relate to physical and physiological features that make it possible to uniquely identify the customer and distinguish them from other persons depicted in the photograph.

The processing of biometric personal data enables us to identify the image of a client/child from the photographs uploaded to the IzziPix cloud storage by the photographer and to show the client only those photographs in which the client/child is shown.

For this purpose the client gives us a photo with a face whose biometric data can be read by means of special technical processing and we select from among all photos uploaded to IzziPix cloud storage a photo with this face.

Our use of special technical photo processing means that we can maximise personalisation of the customer's experience by only showing relevant images and protect the rights of any third parties who may be present in the pictures.

We will never use the biometric data obtained by us for any purpose other than those mentioned above.

A customer has the right to refuse to provide biometric data when accessing IzziPix cloud storage. In such a case, we shall not process the data by means of specific technical processing of the photographs. A refusal to provide biometric data shall not in any way result in our refusal to provide the services to the Customer and/or in our inability to access the photographs stored in the IzziPix cloud.

1.3 You shall voluntarily provide us with your personal details (name, contact details, payment details and details that you have provided to us upon request). We obtain the client and client's children's photographs that the photographer uploads to the IzziPix cloud storage service on the basis of the IzziPix Affiliate Agreement and a separate agreement between the client and the photographer.

1.4 Only provide information that is truthful and up to date. We do not verify the accuracy and completeness of the personal information provided to us unless such verification is necessary in order for us to perform our obligations to you.

2. How we process personal data

2.1 By using IzziPix you agree to the processing of Personal Data as set out in this Policy.

2.2 We will not retain your Personal Data longer than set out in paragraph 1.1. of this Policy except where a different retention period is required by law (for example for tax purposes).

2.3 Your Personal Data will be destroyed in the following cases I. discovery of unlawful processing of your personal data or that the personal data is not necessary for the stated purpose of processing; II. withdrawal of your personal data by you; III. attainment of the purpose of personal data processing; IV. the expiry of the retention period of personal data.

2.4 We may disclose your data to third parties that we engage in order to properly fulfil our obligations to you in accordance with the IzziPix User Agreement / IzziPix Affiliate Agreement. These third parties include payment and postal/courier services. We will enter into a commission agreement with each of the persons with whom we collaborate and to whom we entrust the processing of personal data necessary for the fulfilment of their obligations in their part, with a duty of confidentiality to them.

2.5 We use a special technical photo-processing service to check the photos uploaded by photographers to the IzziPix cloud storage and the photos uploaded by customers to access the IzziPix cloud storage. We use the service to check the photos for any malicious and/or illegal content and to personalise the customer's experience in accordance with our Policy. We shall not use the data obtained by analyzing the photographs for any other purpose.

2.6 We use Google Analytics for our internal analytics of the IzziPix functionality. Google Analytics uses cookies (text files that are stored on your device and allow us to analyse your use of IzziPix). The data collected is transmitted and stored in an anonymised form on the servers of Google Inc. Google Inc. uses its services to report on how users use IzziPix and transmits this data to us. You may refuse the storage of cookies at any time by means of the settings in your browser but if you do so, you may not be able to use the full functionality of IzziPix.

2.7 We may transfer your personal data to government agencies as required by law.

3 Features of the processing of juvenile data

3.1 The use of IzziPix is for adults.

3.2 Photograph sessions involving minors require the consent of their parents or legal representatives. Our Partnership Agreement with Photographers specifies the obligation of photographers to obtain such consent for the taking of photographs and the processing of Minors' Personal Data, including providing their Personal Data to IzziPix for data processing purposes in accordance with this Policy.

3.3 We shall assume that consent has been obtained from the parents or legal representatives of all minors participating in a photographic session to the taking of photographs and the processing of personal data for the purposes of the performance by IzziPix of its obligations under the User Agreement.

3.4 We acknowledge that access to the IzziPix cloud storage service is provided by photographers to parents or legal representatives of minors in the event that the photographer has taken photographs of such minors and uploaded the photographs to the IzziPix cloud storage service.

4. Your rights

4.1 You have the following rights: I. the right to access your personal data to understand whether and how your data is being processed; II. the right to correct any errors or inaccuracies in the data; III. the right to delete your personal data (if possible); IV. the right to restrict the processing of your personal data if the accuracy, legality or necessity of the processing of such data is questionable (if possible); V. the right to receive the personal data provided to us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format; VI. the right to object to the processing of your personal data; VII. the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

4.2 You may exercise your rights at any time free of charge by contacting us at the email address below. If we have violated your right to data protection, you may file a complaint with the Latvian Data Protection Authority (Datu valsts inspekcija).

5. Measures to protect your personal data

5.1 We shall take all necessary and sufficient technical and organisational legal measures in accordance with the law to protect your personal data from unauthorised or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other unlawful actions.

5.2 The data centres where your personal data is stored are located in the EU.

6. Contact

You may address any questions on the processing of personal data and your requests to us at: SIA IzziPix, Stopiņu iela 8 k-1 - 14, Riga, LV-1035 or by e-mail to [email protected].